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Social Selling: The Human Element

Is there real value in social selling activity for sellers, or is it all talk? Social selling has value when your activity adds to an engagement process that is already working with prospects and customers. Social mediaRead More...
By : Elisa Ciarametaro | Jul 13, 2016

How Many Calls Should a Sales Development Representative Make Daily?

How do you determine the optimal number of sales calls your representatives should make? This number is an important, sought after metric to sales managers and representatives who want to gauge what it takesRead More...
By : Elisa Ciarametaro | Jun 3, 2016

Prospect Conversations: How To Open the Dialogue With Your Ideal Prospect

How to Communicate Value to Prospects on the First Call How do you turn your prospects into your customers? You have to start with a conversation, dialogue, interaction, or discussion. That seems obvious,Read More...
By : Elisa Ciarametaro | Apr 28, 2016

3 Management Tools to Improve Lead Quality

We’ve been looking at how to improve lead quality by aligning Sales and Marketing teams (in these two previous articles. As a manager, you may feel like you have to referee the blame game: MarketingRead More...
By : Elisa Ciarametaro | Mar 7, 2016