10 Qualities of a Great Sales Rep

How to Spot and Hire a Great Sales Development Representative

10 Qualities of a Great Sales RepA great sales development representative (SDR) has a huge impact on your success and reputation.

Your SDRs play a major role in your customers’ experience.  Their ability to engage prospects and generate revenue is critical to your company’s health.

That’s why knowing what to look for when hiring a sales development representative is so important. What are the characteristics that candidates should possess that will help them be successful?

Of course you need a good fit with your management style, future expectations, and corporate culture. Plus, there are some inherent traits that a good SDR can bring, which are qualities you can check for.

The following 10 traits can help you find those who are valuable additions to your organization.

10 Qualities of a Good SDR Candidate

1. Confidence
2. Passion for helping prospects
3. “Fire in the belly” to achieve
4. Mental toughness
5. Persuasive storyteller
6. Creative risk taker
7. Buyer-centric / ”People person”
8. Good Listener
9. Curious Learner / Coach
10. Intelligence

In-depth detail about each of these traits is available in my new ebook: How to Spot and Hire a Good Sales Development Representative. You can download it free from our free ebook Resources here.

A good checklist of skills and experience is only a starting point. How well your candidate fits your culture is also part of the picture in forming good relationships between your business and your customers.

When you can identify these traits, they can help you bring the best and brightest on board to crush your numbers!


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