I am a firm believer in ongoing training for Lead Generation representatives. But it’s been a tough road for many to get training budgets approved when most companies are trying to survive, minimize layoffs and reach revenue goals still.  Reasons for training are: First, to share best practices; second to keep Lead Generation representatives fresh and current; and third, to practice and test new approaches.

Just because budgets are tighter, training doesn’t have to come to a screeching halt. Here are 5 valuable and interesting, low-cost training exercises to build camaraderie, relationships and team spirit among Lead Generation representatives.

1         Invite representatives from different departments to share and interact with Lead Generation periodically, during brief get-togethers. I’m a huge believer in the benefits of this interaction. Field sales, Marketing, Systems, Product Development, Finance, Customer Support, Channels, and Human Resources can all share information and learn from each other.

2         Have Lead Generation partner occasionally with their counterparts in Inside Sales and Field Sales on their calls. There is nothing like first-hand knowledge. Spending time with potential buyers, buyers, inside sales and/or field sales can be a positive eye opening experience for your representatives. Plus, it’s a welcome break from the routine of their daily activity. Lead generation often wonders what happens to the lead when they pass it to sales. This is a great opportunity for them to find out.

3         Have Field Sales or Inside Sales participate in prospecting calls with their counterparts in Lead Generation. A great way to understand what goes into a lead before it is passed as sales-ready. This is a great way for field and inside sales to get a refresher in the basics of lead qualification.

4         Provide opportunities for teamwork. Another approach is to have two Lead Generation representatives pair up on each others’ sales calls. This creates a great way to learn and try a new approach that’s working for one person.  It enables team members to share concerns about what may not be working and see how a peer may handle the situation.

5         Include Lead Generation representatives in sales pipeline reviews. This is an excellent way for lead generation to hear feedback on their sales leads passed and get a good idea what  management is really looking for in a lead, as pipelines and deals are discussed.

Use these five basics internally anytime. I’m interested to understand what internal training is working for you.

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