Sales /Inside Sales Consulting

Lead Generation Consultant Elisa Ciarametaro, CEO of Exceed Sales

Elisa Ciarametaro is the Principal of Exceed Sales, a sales and inside sales consultancy firm she founded in NYC. Taking a hands on approach, she strategizes with executives to .deliver sales and marketing results.

For over two decades, Elisa has passionately, tirelessly and successfully built and retuned inside sales organizations that deliver revenue results for companies.

Her strategic insight and hands on implementation approach has helped companies avoid pitfalls, incorporate best practices and quickly realize sales results. Elisa has consulted with startups to billion dollar corporations and believes respect for sales process without sacrificing the urgency to produce sales results is essential.

Elisa has been recognized by the SLMA as one of the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management, was a Board Observer with the MIT Enterprise Forum and resides in in NYC with her husband and son.

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