In Part 1 on outbound prospecting call metrics, we considered what we measure versus what we actually do. We looked at the metrics one would use for traditional activities such as calls or emails. Here we see how to track metrics for newer social media activity.

Why Look at Metrics for Social Media Activity?

What if you are connecting to your clients through LinkedIn InMail? (This is the same as using email — although through a specified medium — in my book.) What if you are connecting to your prospects and customers through Twitter? You may be following your prospect and their company through Facebook, with comments, posting updates, or likes. The end purpose is the same:  you want to connect and engage with each prospect and customer to build a relationship, generate a lead, and an eventual sale. So the question becomes how do you measure activity and results for these new media?

Measure Activity and Connections

You measure activity: a call, an email message, a LinkedIn InMail, a Tweet, a posted update or a comment.  And you measure the connection you receive from that activity.

Examples: You make a call. Do you connect with the prospect or customer? Do they return your phone call? You send an email. Does the recipient respond? Do you connect? You send messages with InMail on LinkedIn. Do they connect? Do they respond? You follow a prospect or customer on Twitter. Try to connect through a tweet or direct message. Is there a response or connection?

You can measure activity the same way with Facebook. Do you leave a like? A comment? A timeline update? What is the connection rate of that activity?

What To Track

OK, so if we measure the occurrence of action, we need to monitor the results we get. What are they? A connection? A response? A relationship? A lead? A sale?

The point: Measure your activity and results. Just as you measure the number of calls and emails, you can measure the number of follows, tweets, comments, and updates in different social media. Use headings such as: Calls, Emails, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and note the action you take under each.

Making Notes

Under  the heading Calls, you may want to track the number voicemails you leave, the number of messages you leave, the connections you make, and the number of gatekeepers you encounter.

Under the heading Twitter, you may want to track the number of follows, the number of tweets, the number of direct messages, and the number of responses you receive.

Under the heading Facebook, you may want to track the number of postings, the number of comments, the number of likes, and the number of responses you receive.

Measure Your Results

Use your results to answer questions including:

  • How many relationships did you foster?
  • How many leads did you generate?
  • How many sales occurred from your efforts?

You may have different activities and results you want to measure. The point is, whatever your goals, measure the activity and results, whether they are relationships, leads, sales or something else important to your organization.

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