Defining Leads

Why Limit Your Lead Generation Efforts to Sales and Marketing?

Lead Generation isn’t just for Sales and Marketing. Anyone in your organization may talk with prospects for your products or services. Help them qualify leads too.

Lead Scoring: The Epitome of Art and Science

Lead scoring involves assigning weighted criteria to a lead; company size, city, contact title, emails opened, for example. Give each attribute a value. Check the score on a lead definition scale.

Lead Generation Remix: Think of the Customer as Prospect

Do you tell your customers about new products and services that may help them? Look at this often untapped source of leads and sales revenue.

Why Aren’t All Inbound Inquiries Created Qualified?

In my previous post, Should You Disqualify Inbound Inquiries?, we looked at valid reasons for disqualifying inbound inquiries. Since I believe that disqualifying is healthy for an organization, I thought I’d answer the question: Why aren’t all inbound inquiries already qualified? Qualify Inbound Inquiries The internet has given us the ability to find what we […]

Should You Disqualify Inbound Inquiries?

That is the question. As you connect, it’s important to determine if these inbound inquiries represent “qualified” opportunities.  You must decide which ones should be nurtured and eventually placed into your sales pipeline.  And you must decide which ones to let go. Definition of a Qualified Lead (Qualified Opportunity) A qualified opportunity is one that […]

How to Select the Best List Source(s) for Sales Intelligence in Your Outbound Prospecting Campaign

I’m often asked about the best list source(s) to use for sales prospecting, lead generation, and demand generation campaigns. When you want to build a list of target contacts, where you get the intelligence from is an important question.  There is no one pat answer because it depends on many factors. The answer will have […]

4 Keys to Develop Solid Lead Definitions

Getting quality sales leads doesn’t happen without a clear definition of a lead in mind.  You may think that the ability of sales and marketing to define solid lead definitions and ratings for their company is a well orchestrated, collaborative effort.  You may believe sales and marketing are producing well targeted leads, resulting in full […]

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