I was recently talking with my sister-in-law about a frustration she had with her volunteer work at a local church. She was asked to recruit volunteers to man booths for an upcoming bazaar.

Having a List of Prospects Doesn’t Make it a Good List

My sister-in-law was given a list of parishioners to contact. As she began connecting with the parishioners, she soon discovered the majority were seniors. Great target audience right? Think again. Many were too ill, or caring for a spouse who was ill, to volunteer.  Many had no transportation to the event and the church was not providing that service. Many did not stay up late enough to attend evening events.

I can relate this story to lead generation and the importance of defining target audience characteristics.

Look at Qualities Needed for a Good Fit

The church could have determined who would be the best target audience in their parishioner pool to help at the booths. They could start with looking at characteristics they needed. Some of these may have been stamina and strength to work at the booth.  Helpers needed to be able get to and from the location independently, and be available during evenings. The seniors did not prove to be the best prospects for booth activities for the upcoming event.

Lead Generation Starts with Defining the Characteristics You Need

While there are many lessons learned from this story, I’d like to focus on one.

Take the time to define the best characteristics of your target audience to meet your objective. That will help you better define your primary target audience.

Had the planners first determined the best characteristics needed at the bazaar booths, they may have defined a better list of contacts to meet their objective.

Here are five tips to help you best define your target audience:

  1. Define the objective of your initiative
  2. Define the top three to four best fit characteristics of your audience
  3. Select a target audience(s) that best posses the characteristics you defined
  4. Determine the best sources with the most accurate and current target audience information
  5. Reach out, connect with and engage with your target audience

Stay tuned for a continuation of this topic next week as I share some thoughts on why The World is Not Your Oyster

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