What is inside sales, and why is it an important sales model? This 3-part series answers several key questions that come up in lead generation consultations.  In this series we’ll address: 1) What does inside sales consist of;  2) what’s needed to support a team;  and 3) how do you sell it internally – that is – how do you get executive management to stand behind this approach for your organization?

A Definition of Inside Sales

The inside sales model enables customers to buy products or services by connecting with them through outreach, instead of in-person meetings.  Representatives use many different means: live phone calls, email or sometimes automated interaction.  This has proven to be an efficient model for many organizations.  It can complement an existing field sales effort, or stand-alone as its own system or team in a larger organization.

Inside representatives often works in collaboration with traditional field representatives when selling larger, more complex products and services.  They work together in basically two ways. For lower priced products and services, inside sales provides a lower cost channel through which to reach agreement with buyers, keeping the field organization focused on the larger, more complex deals.

In situations that need more relationship building, inside sales provides lead development to nurture, generate and deliver qualified leads to the field organization. This model keeps the field sales personnel focused on what they do best: managing the sales process and closing deals.  Meanwhile the inside team remains focused on delivering additional revenue and leads.

Where products and services are less complex and lower priced, inside sales traditionally provides the most efficient, cost effective channel to offer, market and sell products and services as well as to nurture, generate and deliver qualified leads.

Many organizations have an established operation.  For others, it may be more of a thought than a reality, and in some cases, it may not be a model that will work at all.  Regardless of which category a company falls into, inside sales requires resources and support to develop a successful process. Part 2 addresses what’s needed to to produce results with inside sales.



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