Which Way to Better Leads? Inbound vs Outbound Prospecting

In this 2-part series,we’re taking a new look at how inbound marketing outbound prospecting benefit lead generation.

In Part 1,we explored inbound marketing as a lead generation method. Now in Part 2, we explore why an outbound prospecting initiative can complement your lead generation efforts. Here are a few thoughts.

1. Be Proactive in Finding Prospects.  Employing an outbound prospecting strategy helps you target the right prospects instead of hoping they find you.

2. Find Better Prospects As You Invest.  Yes, outbound prospecting also takes time, resources and money, just as inbound marketing does.  However,the leads you uncover may tend to provide a better quality of prospects – those that match your ideal prospect profile.

3. Nurture Leads As You Reach Out.  While you attempt to connect with the right level prospect, your strategy should consist of a multi-touchpoint approach, thereby educating and informing your prospects.

4. Reach Targets Earlier in the Buying Process With Outbound Prospecting.  It is quite possible that by the time your inbound marketing prospect reaches you they are already decided upon whom they are going to select  and looking at other companies to justify their purchase decision. In other words, you enter the sales cycle at the end of their buying process.

5. Gain Time to Tailor Your Solution.    Lastly, arriving early to the party allows you to better understand your prospects needs and tailor your solution to their requirements. It also gives you the time to help your prospect understand why you are the ideal fit. You can set the standard for the ideal prospects selection criteria once they are  ready to move ahead.

6. Be There When the Intent to Purchase Comes. By educating and informing your prospects before they are ready to buy, you increase your chances that your ideal prospect will find you when they are ready to buy.

7. Give Relationships A Chance.  Finally, reaching out to the ideal prospects before they reach you gives you an opportunity to truly build a relationship.

You’ll have to decide which strategy/or strategies work best for your organization, but both provide viable options to attract your future customers.

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