Many of our lead generation initiatives focus on engaging new prospects for our clients.

How many of you are proactively introducing your customers to new products and services that may help them?  Do you offer your customers products and services that have also delivered solid value for other similar customers? If the answer is yes great would love to hear about your successes. If not, consider it. It may be a hidden source of untapped sales revenue, or an opportunity to better serve and learn about your customers

Customers are Prospects When You Have a New Solution to Their Challenge

A professional services team was interested in a focused outreach effort. The objective? Introduce a new consulting assessment workshop to their customer base. You may be asking: What is the inside and outside sales team doing? Aren’t they talking to their customers?  The answer is of course they are.

In fact, the company has a strong sales (outside and inside sales) team focusing on developing, nurturing, managing and closing leads and opportunities.

In this particular case, the professional service team had helped a few clients gain great value from a new consulting assessment service. Sales and professional services talked with these customers after the workshops. Sales and professional services were thrilled to hear the challenges their customers conquered after attending these workshops.  Sales needed help getting the word out to help similar customers conquer their challenge with this new proven consulting service.

High Quality Prospects, Low Available Resources: What to Do?

This was a great opportunity for the company, their customers, and their sales and professional services. But the sales team lacked the time and focus to plan and introduce their assessment service to the majority of customers who would benefit and professional services lacked the skills to execute.

The effort would involve getting information from sales but also working closely with the professional services team before engaging with the firm’s customers. In addition to filling their sales pipeline with qualified consulting leads, this prospect was looking for sales, marketing and customer service insights and feedback for their sales force and professional services team.

If you haven’t revisited your customers as prospects do so. Find out what their challenge is and offer a solution to that challenge. And what better time than now to begin?

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