Companies use multiple channels (direct sales, inside sales, business development or partners) to sell their products and services.  At times multiple channels work with the same prospects and customers. When overlap exists, each channel should understand which accounts they share with another channel. This is especially important when a company decides on a focused outreach effort for new sales developement.  Knowing which accounts to focus your outreach efforts into is paramount to success :

Sales Managers: Know who is Working with Which Accounts

Sales management should decide which  accounts will be included in a focused outreach initiative.  One of the best ways to avoid having multiple channels overworking the same accounts is for management to review and assign accounts.

Problems can happen even if the best of procedures are followed.  In most cases (and there are exceptions) it sends a bad signal when multiple representatives from one company are talking to the same prospect for the same sales reason.

Assign Prospect Accounts to Create Company Efficiency

It is productive to have an overall territory plan for each channel. Decide which channel partners, sales representatives, inside sales and lead generation representatives are focused on which accounts.  Plan who is engaging, nurturing, developing and working with which prospect or customer.  There may be valid reasons for multiple channels to work with the same prospects or customers. If so, collaboration and knowledge sharing among channel representatives becomes critical to strengthen the customer relationship.

Strengthen Buyer Experience by Assigning Customer Accounts

Different department representatives within a company, sales, marketing, and customer service, will very well be involved within the same accounts for different reasons.  A united, knowledgeable front in the selling company brings value to the buyer experience.  Process and technology alone are not the answer.

These tips can have a powerful impact on the buyer experience, company focus, productivity and revenue generation. I would love your feedback. How do you successfully handle this situation in your company?

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