In this series on B2B  outbound prospecting, Part 1 explored why it’s so important to keep in touch with clients as prospects through B2B outbound prospecting.  In the second of this two-part series, we explore how to successfully implement B2B outbound prospecting with customers.

Top 3 Tips For Following Up with Current Customers for Lead Generation

  1. First, remember customers are people, just like you and me.  So, treat them just as you like to be treated.
  2. Remember to know your customer: Know what they like and don’t like.  Understand what is important to them, and what is not important to them.  Find out what they bought from you, why they bought from you, and who they are as people.
  3. Do your research: If you don’t have the information readily available, gather it from internal sources.  Use the many sales intelligence tools available to you before B2B outbound prospecting.

Okay, so we have your research. You now know important and relevant information about your customers. So how do we plan a B2B outbound prospecting initiative to customers?

  1. Decide how often it makes sense to contact your customer.  Choose the frequency to conduct your B2B outbound prospecting communication with your customers. While weekly would be bothersome,  I would advise that annually will appear the same as ignoring them. Keep in mind that they may be communicating or reaching out to you periodically. I recommend a frequency of monthly or quarterly messages work best.
  2. Decide how you want to conduct your outbound prospecting initiative.  Which media do you want to use to reach out to your customers? While a multitouch initiative is recommended, your choice of channel for B2B outbound prospecting depends primarily on your customer’s preference. As an example, if your customer prefers the personal touch of a phone call, then phone. If your customer has a preference for email, do just that. If your customer engages through social networks, that will be the best way to communicate.
  3. As a final question, what do you communicate to your customers? The answer is highly variable but without a doubt, you must share information with your customers that is first and foremost relevant, valuable and useful to them.  Touching base and checking in are not relevant, valuable and useful messages. What you are communicating or attempting to connect about must improve the customer or their business.

Three Examples of Highly Relevant Messages

  1. An article about your customer’s market and how the current installation of your product or service can help them service their customers
  2. An event within their company and how the use of the service or product they bought from you can help them capitalize on the change
  3. A suggestion or recommendation that will improve their operation

I hope this feedback gets you started on a successful B2B outbound prospecting initiative to stay in front, build relationships and help your customers achieve their goals.

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