I started the Lead Generation Insights blog in 2010 to provide tips, ideas and insights for B2B outbound prospecting. Outbound prospecting will remain a strong focus in 2014.  Another goal is to share relevant inside sales information with lead generation professionals and organizations.

As we start a new year, I’ll continue bringing you new B2B ideas to help you as you outbound prospect. You can use these brief tips to quickly support your ongoing efforts as you move forward.

Here are my top 20 tips to help you with B2B outbound prospecting in 2014:

  1. There is nothing to fear but fear itself – get on the phone and prospect — it works
  2. Research your prospect and your market before you pick up the phone
  3. Know who you are calling and why they need to talk to you
  4. Focus and concentrate
  5. Don’t get discouraged
  6. Share ideas with your team — say what’s working what’s not
  7. Be bold — Try something different or creative
  8. Use LinkedIn — You never know who your prospects know
  9. Metrics matter
  10. Be a sponge
  11. Converse, engage, and qualify
  12. Build a relationship
  13. Vary
  14. Never ever give up
  15. Listen. Listen, Listen
  16. Read
  17. Work hard but be smart
  18. Have pride in your work
  19. Have fun
  20. Make it count

These short and brief tips will help you get results as you outbound prospect in 2014. I look forward to hearing how you do

I wish every one of you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.


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