Many organizations rely on list sources when developing B2B leads. I recently joined other sales professionals at the AA-ISP New York Chapter Meeting, hosted by Ed Linde II, to hear about LinkedIn’s new tool, the Sales Navigator.  The meeting was well organized, quite informative and offered a friendly environment to network and get to know others interested in the development of inside sales. The guest speaker that evening was John Mayhall from LinkedIn.

Mayhall introduced the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a sales intelligence tool for building an inside sales lead list.  This introduction brought to mind an early post about list sources, that I published in April of 2010 — and which is still popular today.

The article, How to Select Best List Sources(s) For Sales Intelligence In Your Outbound Prospecting Campaign, answers the often-asked question: What are the best list sources to use for sales prospecting? Since that article, much has changed.  I suspect many of you have built an inside sales organization and B2B outbound prospecting initiatives to support your revenue goals.  Here is an update to the information offered then. These list sources can be very useful to the inside sales team you built and the B2B outbound prospecting initiatives you conduct.

One recommendation remains the same: It is important to understand your target audience in order to select the tool that best contains the contact information you need for those in your target market.


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