Maximize Cold Prospecting: 11 tips

Does Your CRM Maximize Your Outreach Results?

Sales professionals who can warm up cold prospects are worth their weight in gold.

You have just a few seconds to prove your value to a prospect. So much depends on finding a common point of interest along a short runway.  Unfortunately, many sales people have to fly through hoops because the job of outreach is harder than it has to be.

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As a manager, you can maximize your return on the outreach from your sales professionals to your prospects — even cold ones.  The sales process might be complicated. But you can still empower your sales development representatives to be more effective with a few simple steps.

It’s a matter of knowing what specific actions will improve your outbound prospecting results. With smart use of software technology, you can help your company, gain the most from SDR outreach.

If you know what to check, your CRM tools can allow your SDRs do more with each call.

As a manager, you can take 11 actions to improve your daily outbound numbers:

  1. Automate data management.
  2. Provide all information needed to make calls.
  3. Encourage high data accuracy.
  4. Help representatives self-check their progress.
  5. Give users easy access to data.
  6. Make navigation easy.
  7. Minimize data entry for sales representatives.
  8. Enable quick daily reports.
  9. Keep it simple.
  10. Adjust where necessary.
  11. Use it yourself.

You don’t need to be an IT guru to implement these changes.

Get clear details about 11 simple management actions in the free ebook, 11 Tips to Maximize Focused Outreach With Your CRM.

warm up cold prospects with 11 CRM tips to support cold calls

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